FM Notebook: Episode 11 – Down to 10

After an incredible week with 2 fantastic guests on the podcast, we’re back to a solo voie on the pod this week, but an interesting discussion nonetheless.

In Episode 11:

    • There’s a packed Team Report section, with updates on my 3 saves to date and some standout individual performers.
    • The Topic of the Week had an interesting discussion about coping with 10 men, a discussion that then became flipped as we also talked about playing against reduced opposition.
    • Tactics & Training was lightly touched on, following yesterday’s blog piece which went into more detail on these topics with Rayo Vallecano
    • In the final section, the FM Notebook’s Community Scout has been enjoying the good weather with plenty to promote:
    • Plugs:
      • Please feel free to subscribe to the pod, leave positive ratings on iTunes so more people can find us as we rise up the charts, and retweet and share the pod to help our listener base grow.
      • Ep topics suggestions are always welcome, so if there’s anything you’d like to have a discussion about, send it over this way!
      • Quickfire Questions are always needed, so if you’ve any questions you’d like me to answer, send them in too!
        You can find me on:

    • The pod can be found on

Title: Jingle Punks – Never Better – Rock | Inspirational

A free to use piece of music from YouTube, used under fair use.

Ep 12: Living on the Wing – An Ep dedicated to Wing play on FM


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The Ramblings of a Virtual Football Manager

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