FM Notebook Ep15: Substitutions

It’s only taken 15 Episodes, but the pod has properly been named on all the host sites, broken free of Gaffer Graemo’s Twitter page and found a new home in a Slack channel. This is what they meant when they said Football’s Coming Home.

In Episode 15:

  • There’s an underwhelming Team Report section as GG reports in from Korea.
  • The Topic of the Week, discusses the role of “Substitutes”. How do you use them? Will 4 subs really make a difference?
  • The Tactics & Training section lays out it’s new starting point for next week’s pod.
  • In the final section, the FM Notebook’s Community Scout has come across these pieces in the past week:
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  • Ep topics suggestions are always welcome, so if there’s anything you’d like to have a discussion about, send it over this way!
  • Quickfire Questions are always needed, so if you’ve any questions you’d like me to answer, send them in too!
  • If you have an interest in a real life FM Notebook FM Notebook or pen get in touch so this can be ready ahead of FM19’s launch.
  • You can find me on:
  • The Pod can be found on:
  • This is a Double recording week ahead of my holidays to make sure there are Episodes ready for the weeks I’m off, so they will be slightly differently structured to deal with the pre-record times
  • Ep16: Rotation – Dealing with the Demands of the Season, so feel free to get involved with the pod by voting on the polls or sending in a voice clip to be featured in the discussion either by DM, email or the FM Notebook’s Discord Channel.

Theme: Title: Jingle Punks – Never Better – Rock | Inspirational

A free to use piece of music from YouTube, used under fair use.


Author: gaffergraemofm

The Ramblings of a Virtual Football Manager

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